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The dimensions mentioned above are the image sizes. A 1 cm margin is added for the 20x30 cm prints and a 3 cm margin is added to the 30x45 cm and bigger prints.

Open and limited editions

The 20x30 cm prints are on open edition meaning that there will not be a limited number of prints.

The 30x45 cm up to 100x150 cm prints will be limited to a certain number per size.


If the print is in stock, delivery will be done within 2 days in UAE and a maximum of 1 week worldwide

For on demand prints, 2 to 3 more days may be needed.

The photograph captures the essence of Vietnam's rich cultural heritage through the stunning contrast of black and white.

It features a beautiful lady dressed in traditional Vietnamese costume and hat, walking in the serene and tranquil garden of a temple. The intricate details of the temple's architecture and the carefully manicured gardens provide a perfect backdrop for the lady's graceful stride.

The photograph captures a moment of peace and tranquility, allowing the viewer to immerse themselves in the beauty of Vietnamese culture

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