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The dimensions mentioned above are the image sizes. A 1 cm margin is added for the 20x30 cm prints and a 3 cm margin is added to the 30x45 cm and bigger prints.

Open and limited editions

The 20x30 cm prints are on open edition meaning that there will not be a limited number of prints.

The 30x45 cm up to 100x150 cm prints will be limited to a certain number per size.


If the print is in stock, delivery will be done within 2 days in UAE and a maximum of 1 week worldwide

For on demand prints, 2 to 3 more days may be needed.

Bathed in soft, ethereal light, a woman stands with her back turned, deep in devotion. The shrine, adorned with ornate details and lit from above, exudes an aura of sanctity. Two imposing vases frame the scene, casting subtle shadows. In the distance, another shrine is visible, hinting at the interconnectedness of the spiritual space.

The muted colours and gentle lighting create a sense of tranquility and reverence, while the openings on the sides reveal glimpses of natural light, adding depth and context to the scene.

The photograph encapsulates a moment of sacred stillness, inviting viewers to contemplate the mystical beauty of the scene.

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